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UnderCover Technologies

Undercover Technologies will provide consulting services pertaining to adapting and implementing a wide range of accessible accommodative concepts through consulting, exposure, and training of adaptive technologies. With definite growth forecasted, we intend to offer some sales and service to the technologies that may arise as it becomes necessary for the proper implementation of making the workplace a place that offers their services whether through customer service or employment; especially in the area of E-commerce..


The Americans with Disabilities Act, together with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provide inspiration, guidance and standards related to making Internet websites accessible and for the most part will be the standards by which we follow along with standards of the Website Accessibility Initiative(WAI) written by the World Wide Web Consortium,(W3C). These guidelines are widely regarded as the international standard for Web accessibility; moreover, In a large part, it means providing a site whereby purely visual elements can be represented as text, which then can be processed by screen-reader technology and read to the visually impaired. It also means constructing navigations system that are simply structured, anticipating how a disabled person may use and site, and anticipating the type of assistive technologies they may use -- moving down, across and through busy website pages. While much of the standards provided -- primarily from the globally-connected World Wide Web Consortium, (W3C), remain wide open to various interpretations and solutions, compliance can mean the difference between opening the doors wider to governmental service delivery versus slamming the doors closed to some of your citizens.

These are the services we offer:

Service type Description Price(USD) Negotiable
Website Accessibility Consulting ADA & WCAG Digital Accessibility Compliance $1,500 Yes
Adaptive Technology training Training on appropriate technology $65/hr No
Accessibility consulting: Evaluation On site adaptive technology eval/recommendations $250 Yes
Website forms Online form accessibleness eval. $135/form yes
Sensitivity/Awareness Seminar Bring awareness to disabilities $1,500(incl. follow-ups) No

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