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UnderCover Technologies

We at UnderCover Technologies based in the Virgin Islands along with our satelite offices throughout the United States plan to use our competitive edge over companies of similar guild by expanding on existing relationships and the lower cost of service being that we are a local company with personnel hired directly out of the local community. this would be a definite boost to the local economy and small business development in the regions that we serve. We are a friendly bunch of people that knows what you are going throu.

Careers at UnderCover Technologies
You can make a difference, start now!

UnderCover Technologies is attempting to change the world and the lives of people with vision loss through the leadership and hard work of dedicated and talented staff members. If you are enthusiastic about the prospect of applying your professional expertise, skills, and talents towards making a real difference in the world, UnderCover Technologies may be the ideal fit for you!

Contact Our Team Across the United States

these are the people behind this driving force; of which, each office consist of at least 50% of its personnel having some form of visual impairment or other varying disabilities

Henry Smith Jr. Caribbean Timothy Smalls St. Thomas, Virgin Ilands (340)775-8145
James Thronton California Inga Swattain Sacremento, CA (800)200-5000
Brad Littleton Texas Travis Jennings Austin, TX (888)971-2157
Terri Smoltz North East U.S Jennifer Hunt Philadelphia, PA (888)451-2215

UnderCover Technologies, Inc/

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We at UnderCover Technologies would like to hear from you and your feedback is very important to us.

Please take a few minutes to get in touch with us in your area and become part of our family

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Do you currently use any of the following adaptive technologies?

There is a lot of work and research being done to find ways to improve life for partially-sighted and blind people. Reading and recognition devices could make smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses into indispensable aids for the visually impaired. We can add you to our mailing list to keep you informed of these new inovations in adaptive technologies.

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